Transnational training activities

Specific objectives:
• to set up common bases for the implementation of the piloting phase;
• to create a project “task force” composed by school teachers and heritage managers from partner organisations, who are going to be involved in the piloting phase and will cooperate on the development of the intellectual output;
• to enrich the learning experience of the pupils with exchanges between schools.
For the Joint Staff Training Events, the hosting organisation KOME will be responsible of preparing and sharing a detailed training program at least three weeks before the start date of the training, as well as an info-package containing useful information on logistics, public transport, suitable options for accommodation and contact persons supporting participants before and during their stay.
As for the three exchanges of pupils among schools, besides all the above mentioned tasks, the hosting organisations will be responsible to provide accommodation solutions and any kind of support needed during their stay and to prepare all expected project deliverables. The sending organisations are also expected to support participants in all preparatory and follow-up activities, as well as to select participants according to the criteria agreed with the other partners.

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