On 26/03/2021 ,Çatalca City Council has organized meeting with attendance of District Governor Erdoğan Turan Ermiş and Mayor of Çatalca Mesut üner , Director of Çatalca District Directorate of National Education ,together with 70 members of the council and representative of several public and private institutions.

TRAME Project Communication Manager Ahmet Rasim Yücel who is the president of Çatalca City Council of Çatalca Municipality has promoted TRAME Project in his speech. He has presented the value of the TRAME partnership for the sake of cultural heritage awareness at local and at international level.

After Ahmet Rasim Yücel’s speech, mayor of Çatalca Mesut Üner thanked to all Project team working for development of Çatalca District.

TRAME team prepared Trame Magazine that includes newsletters, info in English and Turkish translation of all aspects of the Project. Published 100 magazines were distributed to participants and staff working at Çatalca Municipality. Meeting has ended with a coctail in the city hall.

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