Deliverable: Diaries of the exchange

As a follow-up activity in the period after the transnational exchanges, the pupils will summarize and reflect on the result of the learning process and tell their personal stories related to the mobilities in a written form, through project diaries which – upon approval of the students – will be uploaded on the project website and shared with the wider community.

TRAME mobility in Serbia (18-24 March 2022)

01. 04. 2022

For seven days, seventy high school students from Hungary, Turkey and Serbia stayed in Viminacium Archaeological Park – Limes Park. You can read more about their activities and impressions in the Diary.

TRAME mobility in Pécs, Hungary (3-9 April 2022)

01. 05. 2022

Just two weeks after the end of Viminacium mobility, the students of School of design from Serbia came to Pécs, where they were hosted by the students of Hajnóczy József Kollégium. Together, they took part in numerous activities at the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pécs and throughout the city. You can read more about their activities in the Diaries below.

TRAME mobility in Italy (02-07 June 2022)

14. 06. 2022

The next stop in our students’ journey’s was Rome. Ninety-one students from Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, and Italy got to spend an amazing time in the Eternal city and you can read more about it in the Diary.

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