Deliverable: Articles published on newspapers, magazines and online journals

All partners are going to publish the news of the project and the current status of the project in local, national and international newspapers, as well as in e-magazines, sectorial journals, etc. In this way, local authorities, sectorial networks and other stakeholders will be aware not only of the progress of the project activities, results and outcomes

Online virtual meeting was organized by project TRAME on the 2nd of July 2021 12.00-15.30 (CEST). The event was hosted by Parco Archeologico del Colosseo (IT), Institute of Archaeology (RS) and KÖME – Association of Cultural Heritage Managers (HU).
TRAME round table was very successful event with 17 presented project as examples of best practices, 20 institutions and more then 70 participants from 10 countries.
The event was good  opportunity not only for sharing of TRAME results, but to hear and learn from the experience.
ARCHEO n. 445 – March 2022
Read all about project TRAME in the latest edition of magazine ARCHEO  n. 445 – March 2022. The article was written by Francesa Boldrigini, our Project manager.

Energija Kostolac 49/April 2022
Read about our latest achievements and plans in the Energija Kostolac 49 – April 2022, the official magazine of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia – Javno Preduzeće Elektroprivreda Srbije. The article was written by Višnja Ognjanović to whom we are in debt.
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