Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium

Republic of Hungary

Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium

Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium is a Hungarian Secondary Educational Institution which serves as a dormitory for male and female high school students. We are located in Pécs in the southern part of Hungary.

Our city has a turbulent history, during the centuries both the Romans and the Turks left their cultural legacy and traces behind. Pécs is also on the World Heritage list due to the discovery of the Early Christian Necropolis which was built by the ancient Romans at the time the city was called Sopianae. Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium is a dormitory, it offers accommodation for 190 students from various secondary schools (age 14-20), and we have our own educational plan that is regulated by the law similarly to schools.

This type of institution has historical traditions in Hungary and it is quite unique in Europe. Our educational plan consists of several after school programmes for students.
The teachers working here offer subject related courses (History, Maths, English, Biology, Physics) and free time activities (historical movies, aerobics, photography course, journalist course and project weeks). Our main objective is to educate the students to become confident and open minded adults with strong values shared by all the European nations.
The teachers working in Hajnóczy Kollégium always look for new teaching methods and topics that can be beneficial to our students. The institution regularly cooperates with foundations, cultural institutions and other educational institutions. To promote the European values Hajnóczy Kollégium joined the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme in 2018.

Mariann Róth, Financial Manager

She has been working in public education in a dormitory since 1996 and as an employee of Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium since 2005. After graduating, she obtained a secondary qualification in accounting and a higher vocational qualification in labor affairs. Her main goal in this project is to fully support the professional work in the dormitory by providing the financial, administrative and technical background, organizing and coordinating the background processes.

Péter Török – Teacher/ Project Assistant

Teacher of history and geography, from the fall of 2020 teacher of Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium in Pécs. He received his degree in geography from Eötvös Loránd University (SEK) and in history from the University of Pécs. At University of Pécs the subject of his thesis was the everyday life and martial arts of Roman gladiators.

Over the past decade he has worked for ocean liners as a sommelier where he has gained international experience and strengthened his multicultural and liberal worldview. He is committed to democracy and the protection of our planet’s biodiversity and climate; he will continue his efforts in this direction from this year through the active participation in the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) and the involvement of students from Hajnóczy.

His main interests are the social functioning of ancient democracies and the historical aspects of viticulture and wine production in Hungary, with special regard to the South Transdanubia region.

Renáta Szalainé Kovács- Teacher/ Project Assitant

Teacher of English as a Foreign Language and student group head teacher in Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium since 2013. She was educated at the University of Pécs and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Her main interests are interlanguage relations and using different projects in teaching English as a foreign language. Her main aim in this project is to create a lifetime expreience for participating students related to ancient European history, international cooperation and cultural diversity.

Róbert Farkas- Teacher/ Project Manager

History and Ethics teacher, official tour guide. Teacher and group leader in Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium. He also teaches in a Baptist secondary school and a prison where he helps inmates to prepare for the school leaving exam in history. He worked as a museum educator at the Zsolnay Cultural Centre in Pécs. He worked in the archeological excavation in the Cella Septichora (early Christian cemetery in Pécs), and different archeological excavations in Germany and in Hungary.
He is interested in including the world heritage in history education, but his main area of interest is the total dictatorships of the 20th century.

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