Multiplier Event Details E5

Event Title

TRAME final event in Turkey

Country of Venue


Start Date


End Date


Leading Organisation


The event will be hold in Çatalca/İstanbul at the Çatalca Municipality premises, which has a capacity of 400 participants at the same time.

The event envisages 350 local participants, including representatives of Çatalca District Governorate, Çatalca Municipality, İstanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, İstanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, 60 school managers, 250 teachers and students as representatives of schools from elementary schools to high schools and VET institutes, representative of NGOs working in culture and tourism, local and national press representatives and European participants from partner organisations. Among local participants, we will have a representation for all stakeholders and target groups The multiplier event will happen after the end of the last transnational project meeting with the participation of all partners. The event, which will last for one day, will include:

– introduction of Local Authorities on EU collaborations

– introduction of the project and the participants;

– presentation of the project’s outputs;

– Presentation of best practices of project partners;

– showing of the activities managed by the TRAME educational methodology;

– questions and answers;

– conclusions.

The event will be prepared in the months before in order to ensure its success both in terms of organization, attendance and quality of the contents. A specific communication campaign will be launched at local and regional level in order to stress the relevance of the event and maximize its impact. The event will be promoted through different media such as video, social networks, project website, virtual conferencing platforms.

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