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Multiplier event in Italy

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Parco archeologico del Colosseo (E10250892, IT)

As the final act of the project Traces of Memory, PArCo will take advantage of the outstanding spaces offered by the archaeological park, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Rome, and organize an international conference aimed to present and disseminate the results of the project, and in particular the TRAME Manual for teachers and educators, to a wide public of relevant stakeholder. The conference will be organised by the “Curia Iulia in the Roman Forum” within the European Heritage Days 2022, so as to add an even more symbolic value to the event. As one of the most intact Roman structures belonging to the Roman Forum, the Curia Iulia is nowadays used as an extraordinary venue to host important cultural events, concerts and conferences (see photos of Curia Iulia in attachment). For example, on last 27th January, in occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it was hosting the event “The life of Charlotte Salomon through images and music”, organized by PArCo and the Roman Jewish Community, including a concert of traditional Jewish music performed by the John Cabot Chamber Ensemble. The space can include up to 100 seats and 30 standing places. Another important event organised by PArCo and hosted by the Roman Forum, in celebration of European Heritage Days 2019, was “One two three…Art! Culture and entertainment”, including a series of special events for kids and adults, openings, guided tours, treasure hunts and special performances.

This model will be followed for the organization of the TRAME final event in Rome. In fact, the event will include an exhibition of the project works produced by Liceo Pilo Albertelli’s students within the Museo del Palatino and guided tours in which the pupils themselves will be involved as special tourist guides, by telling their stories about the archaeological sites, transferring their emotions and knowledge to visitors.

The most relevant external stakeholders, including international experts will be invited to participate at the event, which will also be open to professionals, media and general public so as to maximise its visibility a diffuse the project results as much as possible. In fact, one of the main objectives of the conference will be to ensure the sustainability of the project results, also by giving concrete examples – through the project works produced by the students involved in piloting activities – of the social and educational value of cultural heritage.

The discussion will take place in the presence of sectorial experts, including the project staff and teachers from the Liceo Pilo Albertelli, thus contributing to answering questions on the TRAME educational methodology developed by partners throughout the project, in view of its further diffusion among local and regional schools and the autonomous future development of the initiative throughout Europe.


The promotion of the event will be targeted to the following categories:

  • Institutional sphere, including regional, national, EU public authorities in charge of education and cultural policies, Ministries of Culture, international bodies such as UNESCO,

ICOMOS, public bodies related to management and promotion of cultural heritage, granting organizations, national/EU sectorial networks

  • World of education, including the whole school community, national and international networks of schools, universities and VET providers, parents’ associations
  • Cultural heritage sector, including archaeological sites, associations and NGOs, local and national museums, public libraries, heritage managers, archaeologists, tourist guides, recent graduates and VET students in the field of cultural heritage

Representatives from local/regional/national media will also be invited in order to enhance the events’ coverage and provide additional dissemination lines. In order to ensure participation by the target groups, the event will be promoted online through the project’s and partners’ websites as well as social media accounts. Additional targeted invitations will be sent via e-mail to relevant stakeholders and press releases to the media.


  • Registration form on the website
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  • News on the website
  • Press release
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