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Multiplier event in Hungary

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The event will be organised in the World Heritage sites of Pecs, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pecs and Zsolnay Heritage Management Nonprofit Ltd., responsible of Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs.

The event will be organised as a one-day open seminar for at least 50 selected participants among teachers, heritage managers, researchers, trainers and external stakeholders mainly belonging to the institutional (regional/national public authorities responsible of education and cultural policies; public bodies related to the management of cultural heritage;

granting organizations, etc.) and professional sphere (labour market actors and other organisations active in the field of heritage management, single professionals, creative and cultural industry at national and international level, etc.). They will be recruited through the network of partners cooperating with KOME on a regular basis.

Of course, the seminar will foresee the active participation of the Hajnoczy Kollegium’s pupils involved in the various project activities. In fact, the event will include an exhibition of the project works produced by them, hosted by the Hajnoczy Kollegium, while the students themselves will be involved as special tourist guides, by telling their stories about the archaeological sites, transferring their emotions and knowledge to visitors.

The seminar part will be organized as a combination of different kinds of actions:

– Introductory lecture. The first part of the seminar will be devoted to presentation of the project goals and tangible results with the use of the project dissemination materials. The project website will be presented and an overview of the TRAME Manual for teachers and educators program will be provided.

– Networking session. Thematic roundtables will be organized, each devoted to different categories potentially interested in the the TRAME educational methodology.

– Presentation activities. In this last session, the students will be able to present their project works and share the experience of the study trips to Italy and Serbia.

– Evaluation. Different means of getting feedback from participants will be used, including traditional written questionnaires and personal interviews.

All the participants will receive a copy of the TRAME Manual in Hungarian language. An effort will be made to ensure adequate media coverage for the event at national level.


The promotion of the event will be targeted to the following categories:

  • Institutional sphere, including regional, national, EU public authorities in charge of education and cultural policies, Ministries of Culture, international bodies such as UNESCO,

ICOMOS, public bodies related to management and promotion of cultural heritage, granting organizations, national/EU sectorial networks

  • World of education, including the whole school community, national and international networks of schools, universities and VET providers, parents’ associations
  • Cultural heritage sector, including archaeological sites, associations and NGOs, local and national museums, public libraries, heritage managers, archaeologists, tourist guides,

recent graduates and VET students in the field of cultural heritage

Representatives from local/regional/national media will also be invited in order to enhance the events’ coverage and provide additional dissemination lines. In order to ensure participation by the target groups, the event will be promoted online through the project’s and partners’ websites as well as social media accounts. Additional targeted invitations will be sent via e-mail to relevant stakeholders and press releases to the media.


  • Registration form on the website
  • Printed leaflets with the agenda of the day • Videos
  • Photos
  • Social media posts
  • News on the website
  • Press release
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