Association of Cultural Heritage Managers

Republic of Hungary


The start of Cultural Heritage Managers goes back to 2012, when the freshly graduated students from the first Hungarian postgraduate heritage manager course decided to create a civil professional organization. Then the heritage profession needed independent platforms organized from bottom-up as well as today, and KÖME became one of the (plat)forming elements: in fact, it wanted to be the pioneer. Since then we broke up some solid panels, we started professional discussions, we swung important but missing topics, we worked out our own trainings, but we stayed unbroken in the commitment of connecting heritage-connected professions, knowledge, colliding views, strengthening the refreshing potential, preparedness, internationality of the national heritage profession.

Our members are working across Hungary, and amongst them one can find architects, archaeologists, art historians and people dealing with theatre art or environment protection.

As a professional association our strengths hide in collaborations and using differences as values.

Our motto: (Let’s do) Heritage together!

The principles of KÖME:

  • complex point of view of heritage – we interpret the cultural and natural heritage in a(n) unit. For us heritage is a dynamic concept so it’s not a timeless value, but it’s born continuously, grows and ends out of human-human or human-nature interactions. Heritage in interpretable with its own process of changing, and the places, objects and stories that are connected make it tangible.
  • partnering and being a bridge – we form a professional umbrella, we continuously work to create a specialization-connecting mutual language, we work with a curating view, we involve Hungarians into international collaborations, and we are always open to learn from our partners.
  • to experiment – we always search for special solutions to tasks, we try to draw out of our experiences, and we dare to reevaluate them, we adjust to the workflow flexibly.
  • professionalism and intelligibility – our works are partly for the professionals, partly for not-professionals. Amongst training the professionals an important goal of us is to integrate heritage values into the society, and to support the tourism as well.

Árpád Bõczén

(KÖME) / heritage expert

Architect, cultural heritage manager, community-radio dj, president of KÖME. He is project manager, interpretation planner, researcher and professional consultant in different projects related to the education, communication, surveying, development and maintenance of all kind of cultural heritage and heritage communities. In collaboration with Central European University (CEU) he established an education centre on heritage studies in Pomáz. His main interests are the relations between people and their cultural and natural environment and the changes of heritage. He likes to work with the different interpretations connected to the same heritage.

Dániel Poulet

(KÖME) / Heritage expert, project manager, archaeologist, festival organizer.

He is a project manager at Pazirik Ltd dealing with development of 3D historic reconstructions, historic animated movies and interactive content related to theoretical reconstructions, information terminals, mobile applications and museum pedagogical frameworks. In addition as a world heritage consultant his task is to organize events in the field of World Heritage sites, the coordination of the heritage education projects and also professional activities in national and international projects.

Lola Kálóczi

(KÖME) / Cultural heritage manager, museum education expert, historian

She is currently coordinating the heritage education program of Buda Castle in Budapest.

Her previous activities: „Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Danube Limes” Tentative World Heritage Site management (interpretation, educational program); professional coordination of exhibitions at the Hungarian Danube Limes World Heritage visitor centers, Participation in the preparation of the Nomination File of the „Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Danube Limes” tentative world heritage site; Coordinate featured projects and best practices on cultural community development in the „Acting Communities – Active Community Involvement” project; Elaboration of the heritage education program of the World Heritage site of Pécs. Organization of workshops, museum lessons, planning of living history games and educational booklets; Arranging and conducting of history summer camps, family days, museum nights.

Réka Pálóczi

(KÖME) / project assistant

Archaeologist, cultural heritage expert, assistant in KÖME. Her main professional interest and field is roman archaeology and she was involved in several digs across the country. Graduating from the cultural heritage studies at Eötvös Loránd Univerity the main topics of her thesis are visitor research and the impact of museum and archaeological site contexts amongst young generations in Hungary. She worked a year in Aquincum as an archaeological technician and just started to collaborate with KÖME in 2020 fall, and now she is an assistant dealing with communication, financial issues, translations, or other project assistant tasks.

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