Exchange of pupils to Italy

Activity Type

Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils

The first exchange of pupils among partner schools will be hosted in Rome in November 2021. 25 students from Serbia and 25 students from Hungary will be involved, each group being accompanied by 3 teachers. These 50 students will take part – together with the Italian classes involved during the piloting phase – in joint learning activities hosted by Liceo Pilo Albertelli (theoretic classes) and Parco Archeologico del Colosseo (practical activities). All the participating pupils will belong to the classes involved in the pilot courses held at national level, so they will be already familiar with the TRAME methodologic approach and with the topics addressed during the mobility.

As an additional step within the whole learning process, this exchange represents a great added value regarding the impact of the project both on the pupils themselves and school teachers involved as well as on the other organisations involved in the educational activities.

The main goals of the exchange will be:

  • to get in touch with Parco Archeologico del Colosseo, one of the most important and visited UNESCO heritage sites in the world, and explore it through the TRAME methodological approach
  • to get a better understanding of the common cultural roots linking different populations in Europe
  • to go deeper into cultural diversity by working side by side with pupils from other EU countries
  • to get a better understanding of the value of cultural diversity and apparent dualism between local/national and European identities
  • to foster a sense of belonging to European Union and develop European citizenship
  • to develop key competences and skills among pupils, such as in particular the spirit of initiative and communication in foreign languages, social and civic skills, awareness and cultural expression
  • to strengthen the link between the management of archaeological sites and the local communities, through a closer cooperation between school teachers and heritage managers in the planning, organization and implementation of the training activities as well as management of the groups during their stay abroad

The program of the exchange will be divided into two daily sessions according to the following schedule:

Morning 09:00 – 13:30

Lunch Break 13:30 – 15:30

Afternoon 15:30 – 18:30

The learning methodology will foresee an alternation of theoretical and practical sessions and the combination of various learning approaches (head, heart, hand) enriched by firsthand experience with cultural phenomena, so as to make the learning deeper and meaningful. During the theoretical sessions, the pupils will receive historical and geographical information related to the archaeological sites and will reflect on key concepts such cultural heritage, active citizenship, civic engagement and participation, cultural diversity and the relation between local, European and global dimension. The topic of migration will also be addressed underneath the exploration of the archaeological sites, as the fil rouge connecting it with the other archaeological sites involved in the project, so that pupils will better understand the connections and common elements between them, under the thread of ancient migratory flows.

As for the practical activities, the students will be divided into smaller transnational groups and to each of them a different theme will be assigned. The groups will carry out different type of activities, including field research, playful exploration (treasure hunting), reflection and creative activities, experiential interpretation, elaboration of final outputs, thus retracing the various steps of the learning process undertaken during the pilot courses.

Leading Organisation

Liceo Classico statale Pilo Albertelli (E10012647, IT)

Participating Organisations

School of design (E10250749, RS)

Pécsi Hajnóczy József Kollégium (E10253216, HU)

Parco archeologico del Colosseo (E10250892, IT)

Duration (days)


Country of Venue


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