Çatalca Anatolian High School, Istanbul

Republic of Turkey

Çatalca Anatolian High School

Çatalca Anatolian High School is a good quality school placed in the western part of Istanbul since 2005. Our school is made up of 730 students ,they are enrolled to school according to high school entrance examination results, 40 teachers and 3 administrators.Our students are aged between 14 and 17 and they all are from nearby residents.

The aspects that make our school different and noble are based on a strong and well educated teaching team supported with a range of cultural,art,sports and humanistic studies. Students and families can have the support of Psychology Services at the school. Our school is our students’second home. Our organisation always tends to improve the quality of education within the process.In all levels of education, we support formal and nonformal education in creative and dynamic way.

What gives shape to our goals is our students needs and their self-actualisations. A young person with a positive, active and participatory perspective on his own conditions, benefits from an open and comprehensive understanding of the environment in which he carries out his daily activities, an environment that also includes cultural , civic-political and economic components. We believe in a European society we can build together with fully facilitated youth in terms of education and employment. All these finally will contribute our students in a positive way to learning and student success, and contribute to personal development as they will benefit from all the values mentioned above. We are a big and strong team with basic goals and principles.

Çatalca culture and tourism association

Çatalca Culture and Tourism Association was established on 03-03-2011 in Çatalca District of İstanbul Province.

The main purpose of our association is to voluntarily engage in activities for our district to become a culture and tourism city; to shed light to archaeological and historical artefacts, natural beauties and culture; to promote them and to collaborate with relevant private and public institutions and organizations at national and international level.

Çatalca can be considered as an open air museum with the artefacts of ancient ages, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman; World’s Longest Rome Waterways, the passage of the Phrygian, Thracian of the first settlements, İnceğiz Caves, Rome Stone Tombs, Europe’s Longest Defence Firewall, which Anastasios Walls, Georgios Church, Turkey’s longest 8.Mağara the Ikigöz Cave, Lighter Line Tunnels, Cult areas of 3200 years old, Water Cisterns, Historical Mosques, Ottoman Baths, Fountains and Museums. Çatalca is a complete tourism city with Nature Walks, Enduro, Motocross, Cycling, Hunting, Paragliding and Sea Tourism.

Our association brought about the culture and tourism inventory of Çatalca. We first started to introduce Çatalca, which is almost an open air museum, to our people living in the city. Our Association has organized several workshops with the participation of tourism professionals with close cooperation with Governorship of Çatalca. In these workshops, we determined the tourism road map of our district. We supported them by working with archaeologists who carried out superficial excavations in our district with the permission of the Ministry. Our Association has been representing our district Çatalca at national and international exhibitions. We have been fighting against illegal treasure hunters from harming our historical artefacts and conducting awareness campaigns among our local community.

Representative: Ahmet Rasim Yucel

E-mail: ahmetrasimyucel@hotmail.com

Mobile: +905322620385




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